Cleaver and Kennedy Introduce Restoring Worker Power Act to Protect Temp Workers

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

By Staff

July 20, 2020

Representatives Emanuel Cleaver II and Joe Kennedy III introduced the Restoring Worker Power Act to comprehensively overhaul federal protections for temp workers.

The main pillars for the legislation include:

  • Ensuring temporary workers are paid the same as directly-hired employees.

  • Ensuring temp workers receive basic information regarding their work assignments such as work hours, rate of pay, and the contact name of their worksite employer.

  • Prohibiting temp staffing agencies from charging temporary workers for performing background checks and drug tests.

What lawmakers are saying

Over the last decade, Corporate America has become increasingly aware that they can exploit their workforces for higher profits by taking advantage of temporary workers and labor loopholes. Every worker in America deserves equal pay for equal work, and the federal government cannot allow temp workers to be an exception --Congressman Cleaver

Temporary workers battled daily against discrimination, wage theft, workplace abuse, and predatory corporations. -- Congressman Kennedy